Why Pubs Feature Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips are the dynamic duo found on most Pub menus. There is some variation by region, however the flaky golden fish is an undeniable favorite. Fish on its own has been a food of the people for centuries. Freshly caught filets were cooked over open fires, in stone ovens and on hot coals long before the dawning of foods made with red meat. The abundance and accessibility of fish was found in oceans, lakes and rivers which covered a lot of the worlds land masses. There is some debate as to how the Fish dish transitioned from the catch of the day to a Badge in Britain.

Potatoes have been a vegetable of champions for several eras. The ground born spuds are packed with nutrition with a high level of adaptability. Earlier generations ate them raw until their diversity was found. From baked to fried, potatoes are durable and simple addition for any meal. They became the famous sidekick to fish in many countries prior to being named the Britain’s national dish. As Pubs are centered in the districts, it makes sense Fish and Chips would be at the top of the specials list.

Fish and Chip Tale

The famous Fish and Chippie pairing is cleverly served wrapped in paper with an aromatic dosage of vinegar. In the mid Nineteenth Century, we saw the uprising of popularity for several factors.

  • The Pairing was a household name through economic distress. When the rationing of foods became regulated, Fish and Chips were not added to the list. In fact, families could obtain and consume as much as they could carry. With the scarcity of resources, it is no wonder so many turned to the docks for their next supper.
  • Railways and Boat Merchants made it simple to transport fresh fish. It was not long until everyone could have their own version. The choice to fry them in oil was due to preservation. With troubled times, fish had to remain encased. Battering seemed to hold the flavor without compromising the condition.
  • The two establishments that began the Fish and Chip revolution were located in Lancashire and London. Each business states they are the first Fish and Chip shop to officially open. While both were operating relatively at the same time, it is still open for discussion among the natives. Who the clear winner of the title is may never be discerned, yet the dish has prevailed into a best seller.
  • When the chips were introduced to the mix, vendors used paper to wrap the set. The original design was made with newspapers and parchment in-between. This was economical and had the bonus of absorbing the excess grease. Newspapers are not common in modern days; however you can still find them wrapped in a variety of sheets.

Fish and Chips are on the menu at most Pubs you venture to. It is said a helping of the dish can warm the very soul of the weary traveler. Whether you are a true Britt or journeying abroad, Fish and chips is a must have stop along the way.