Ways to Keep the Pub Doors Open

Pubs are proof that it is the simple things in life that make it great. They have a traditional appeal that traces history every time the door opens. Crafted Ales and Brews are served with timeless and tasty dishes. It is a place to gather and bid your troubles adieu. In print, this style of ambiance sounds like it is a neighborhood staple that can outweigh its competition based on sheer charm. Unfortunately this is not the case for many Pubs. There is an overwhelming number of Pubs serving their last pints.

For Centuries Pubs have remained a part of the community. With a new trend around corner, establishments have replaced nostalgia with big screen televisions. When a Pub is facing a decline of guests at their table, it presents a complex issue. Merging the integrity of history they uphold with a modern hotspot is devaluing for Pub owners. They opened their kitchens and chilled their mugs with the best of intentions to keep the essence of tradition. The larger percentage of pub owners are not interested in the club scene nor do they plan to convert their Pub into a mainstream Bar.

The factors that revolve a Pub’s loss of business causes them to close down before they lose their shirts and aprons. Several components contribute to a snowball effect that hold a negative impact on a pub’s bottom line. If they are detected early on, there may be hope to keep the doors open long enough to stay their ground.

Unwelcoming Reputations

Pubs are comfortable and prone to regulars. This may sound great in theory, however a handful of regulars does not the rent pay. Fresh faces and a following keep the door revolving throughout the day. If a Pub has the same customers, they tend to form a bond or clique. They know each other well and are a part of the daily happenings. This can be intimidating for newcomers who want to have a jolly Pub experience.

Pub Unity

It sounds counterproductive, yet often times Pub’s located in the same area do not work together to retain their guests. This line of separation aids them in falling one Pub at a time. Holding events or Pub crawls with neighboring Pubs can spark a diverse group of potential customers. Pubs can have a friendly competition or present a united front in the face of possible extinction. Owners who come together in the community have a better chance of staying open after the dust settles.

Simply Savvy

Pubs become a creature of habit which does not appeal to the modern crowd. Instead of total conversion, Pubs can quietly transition with a few tricks up their sleeve. In keeping with their theme, hosting a live musical event draws attention to their establishment. Keeping it savvy and simple by means of folk or enchantment will inspire the historical notes while intriguing others to visit. Pubs can also adapt WI-FI into their menu which will encourage a wider demographic.