Top Reasons to Rent a Room at The Pub

While on a holiday it can be difficult to find reasonable accommodations. Hotels and Motels vary from luxe to bare minimum in both price and comfort level. If you are looking for a middle of the traveling lane, try finding a Pub with rooms for rent in the area you will be staying. Pubs are not a typical Bar scene. They are family friendly and quite charming to say the least. With styles varying from chateaus to brick flats in the center of town, the rooms you can find have scenic views and are very affordable.

The best way to describe an actual Pub atmosphere is using words like kindred and kindness. They are a laid back environment with a hometown appeal. You will find Pubs and Inns are closely related for the warmth in their welcome and the generosity of the surrounding. The rooms for rent are often above the establishment and can also be found in the back. When stay overnight at a Pub accommodation, you will feel as if you are staying with friends.

Pub Perks

There are many perks to staying in a room at a local Pub. Where else can you sleep and then wake up to fresh coffee and a plating of an English Breakfast. Homestyle foods are a Pub specialty that is too good to pass up. Tastes from the region and tried and true recipes fill the air with a delicious aroma. Through the day, a pint and some pudding may be on the list of things to do. Most Pubs are located nearby attractions or places of interest. This makes it easier to get around once you are up and ready for the day.

The rooms at a Pub are cozy and fully stocked. You will have everything you need for your visit. The staff is very helpful for any additional needs you may have. Each Pub has their own distinct character. Some rooms may reflect a garden bed and breakfast and others might have a more modern outlook to design. The décor is generally very chic with an inviting setting.  Checking the websites and listings will help you determine which location is best for you. You can also check out their packages while you are peeking at their page. Food and beverage inclusions are added on an individual basis and vary by location. You may also get a group rate if you rent more than one room. As far as amenities, Wi-Fi and cable are often included in the rate as is phone usage for local numbers.

The Pub Way

The Pubs neighborhood will have some shops and stops to keep you busy. Local theaters and tours of  famous sites are popular ways to spend an afternoon or evening. Dinner at the Pub after will top off the day before returning to your room for a good nights rest. The Pub way to travel will take the fuss out of the muss leaving you to enjoy your travels with a touch of home.