The Many Differences of a Pub and Bar

You may hear the terms “Bar” and “Pub” used interchangeably in conversation, but are they the same? The short answer would be no, they are not. It is one of those cases where they are similar in some ways and completely opposite in others. Bars and Pubs share the same common interest…to serve guests in their respective establishments. The rest is either different in reality or translation.

The first most obvious difference is the name. Pubs are a shortened lingo for Public Houses. They have an entrenched history that started in Roman times. Bars were named for the bar like counter used to serve drinks. Their concept has been around for quite some time, however different names were used through the time periods.

The Difference is Served

Unless you have traveled or reside in England, Ireland or Australia, you may not know that Pubs do not make it a steady habit of serving hard liquor. Beer, wines and cider are the main beverages on the menu. Pub food is a popular option for lunch and dinner. Homestyle meals and specials are fresh, filling and full of flavor. Bars on the other hand have a fair share of choices when it comes to beer and wine, yet their forte stands with liquor. Mixed drinks are served neat and sweet alongside a small menu of appetizers and quick eats.

Pubr lunch or dinner

Pub and Bar Atmospheres

If you are looking for a regular haunt that is quieter with a cheerful disposition, a Pub style stop is the way to go. Pubs are festive without the chaos. It is an all-around delightful place with friends, food and a few drinks. To the contrary, most Bars have a different theme. They lean towards the louder side with music and a club vibe. It is a gathering spot especially on weekends to drink a lot, eat a little and have a smashing time.

Pub People and Bar Folks

A big difference you might notice when you enter a Pub or Bar is the patrons. Pubs tend to have a welcoming appeal that is inviting for a blend of age groups. Younger and older crowds meet at the Pub for dinner or just to hang out for the evening. Bars frequently cater to a younger clientele. You will find specialty Bars and places that have more diversity depending on the locale.

Location! Location! Location!

It might come as a surprise that Bars and Pubs are not everywhere you go. Regions of the world have their own versions. You will not find a lot of Bars if you are visiting the U.K., London and European countries. Pubs and Cafes are the prevalent. In the U.S. you will find a few far and in between Pub orientated places.

Bars and Pubs are a way to socialize and relax after a long day. Wherever you are on the map, stop in at a local Pub  and mingle with the locals.