How Long Would We Survive by Drinking Only Beer and What Would Eventually Kill You?

Drinking Only Beer

A lot of people like to drink beer and there is nothing wrong with that. Problems only appear when people start abusing alcohol. In this case, addiction can be developed, the social connections might be lost, a person can be fired, and even motivation to live is going to reach the dangerous point. However, the scientists found out how long a person could survive just drinking alum? The answer will surprise many of you, but we really do not recommend try to prove these predictions in practice.

Why Beer Is So Popular?

Beer has become so popular in society for many reasons. It was a working-class drink that could be made relatively inexpensively, although good beer required a lot of knowledge and skills. Beer was the main drink during the agricultural festivals, weddings, and other major events of the year. Those who were able to make good beer were respected. Beer might be made from a few kinds of cereal, as a result, it is popular in different countries because it is made from the local products.

Beer is can also be understood as a food in some ways, because it has calories and, when consumed in large quantities, it can create a feeling of fullness. In the Middle Ages, monks who kept fasting and could not eat chewable food for a week or longer, were used to drink beer. There is no good evidence to prove these talks. But exactly how much beer should you drink to survive without any other food?


A person needs to consume about 2,000 kilocalories per day. 100 ml of beer usually has about 40 kilocalories. So, you would have to drink 10 bottles of beer a day. It does not sound like a healthy diet, but it is possible. Of course, it would be difficult, and at the same time you would have to drink a lot of water. If the beer were not be very strong and you distributed it throughout the day, you probably would not exceed the deadly amount of alcohol. And that would keep you alive even if there were no other food sources. However, how long would you survive drinking beer in such quantities?


It is estimated that beer could keep you alive for about 6 months. Of course, it all depends on other health factors, the percentage of alcohol, and the amount of consumed water. It would be necessary to have the days of recovering from hangover. On the other hand, the quality of life would be poor.

In 2-3 months, the first symptoms of scurvy would appear. Beer does not contain vitamins, fats, and proteins. The first symptoms would be muscle pain and general weakness caused by the lack of vitamin C. Later, the organs would start to strike, the heart would weaken. Eventually, the body would no longer tolerate such a diet and organ failure would begin. As a result, that would be a cause of death.