Famous Pubs in Films

As if Pubs needed a reason to become more popular than they already are, these cozy themed spots are also featured on screen. While we enjoy seeing them in our favorite flicks, the true elation begins when you realize you can actually eat, drink and be merry at the same Pub. The reason so many theme parks open attractions that are based on movies is because people love to feel connected. When you watch a movie you are experiencing the suspense and emotion that is tied to the plot. The time period, location and environment make an impact on us and become a part of the story.

Pub scenes in movies can span from humorous to down right chilling. They make the perfect backdrop for conversations and cheering celebrations. Pubs are the middle ground between boisterous bar scenes and refined restaurants. A Pub setting can set the stage for anything to happen. From makeups and breakups to heroic ventures, there is never a dull moment.

If your trying to think of what Pubs you may have seen where, look no further! Here is a few of the famed faves from the classics to today’s hits.

  • An American Werewolf in London – Iconic in its own right, this film is from the eighties and became a you will recognize the interior shots are from a Pub called the Black Swan located in Surrey. Stop by and enjoy the atmosphere with a special drink. Just make sure it’s not a full moon when you do.
  • Bridget Jones Diary – The funny and relatable Bridget lives in a flat near Borough Market in London. The Pub known as The Globe is located underneath. You can see the storefront in pivotal scenes as she comes and goes with her on and off again beaus.
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – The Beehive is a charmed location that set the scenes for some seriously funny times. Best friends and aliens alike are welcome to make a trip to Buntingford, Herts. The Chateau style Pub is a peasant way to spend an afternoon
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  • The World’s End – With carvery specials and all you can eat ice cream, what better way to end the world than The Gardeners Arms Pub. Located in Letchworth Garden City, you can revisit the scenes of Gary and Andy as they put all of humanity at risk.
  • Lord of the Rings – At the Shire in Killarney is a Hobbit hole that leads you right into the Prancing Pony. This may not have been physically in the movie itself, however this simply cannot be left off of the list. Middle earth is nestled in this themed Pub that is a must on your to do list.

These Pubs are stars in a lineup of films. Visiting them in person can be a fun experience and a premier photo opportunity. What a better way to spend the day than having a pint with your favorite scene and getting the souvenir to commemorate the joyous outing; and let’s not forget, but is where the fun happens, so grab a friend and enjoy your time.