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The Many Differences of a Pub and Bar


You may hear the terms “Bar” and “Pub” used interchangeably in conversation, but are they the same? The short answer would be no, they are not. It is one of those cases where they are similar in some ways and completely opposite in others. Bars and Pubs share the same […]

How Inns Welcome You for The Holidays


Holidays fill the air with season greetings and best wishes. Many individuals find themselves traveling to spend time with family or for a quiet weekend away. Depending on your interests, you may be planning a ski trip or a sunny side stop along the way. As the Holidays approach, Inns […]

Top Reasons to Rent a Room at The Pub


While on a holiday it can be difficult to find reasonable accommodations. Hotels and Motels vary from luxe to bare minimum in both price and comfort level. If you are looking for a middle of the traveling lane, try finding a Pub with rooms for rent in the area you […]