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London’s Finest Historic Pubs

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The Nags Head Though you may have visited many a pub named ‘The Nags Head’ odds are you haven’t been to another quite like this one. Located not far from Harrods, this obscure pub may seem rather insignificant from the outside, tucked away down a quiet mews. However, once you […]

Famous Pub Names and Where they Come From

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The Green Man You’ve no doubt seen a pub named The Green Man at some point in your travels across the UK, the sign outside will likely picture his face, made of leaves with a jolly grin on his face. The name is taken from one of the oldest figures […]

The Most Haunted Pubs in Britain – Part 3

The Ostrich Inn – Berkshire Formerly named The Hospice, The Ostrich Inn has a particularly dark and grizzly past. It was first established in 1106 and has since been the scene of over 60 murders within it’s walls. The bulk of these murders were committed in the 16th Century by […]

The Most Haunted Pubs in Britain – Part 2

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The Golden Fleece – York The Golden Fleece was first opened in the early 1500s and has a reputation of being one of the countries spookiest pubs. There are a whole host of different sightings with ghosts from different eras each having a go at haunting the pubs customers. One […]

The Most Haunted Pubs in Britain – Part 1

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There is perhaps no building more British than the humble pub. For hundreds of years residents have been taking frequent trips down to their local in order to unwind and enjoy a nice refreshing pint. As such, many of these establishments are very old, some said to be as old […]

From the Alehouse to the Pub

Beers and Ales have symbolically been a part of traditions through history. They signified triumph and were equally shared during moments of defeat. Pubs have carried many different titles over the centuries. Ale houses seem to be the most common reference along with Tabernas and Taverns. In time the term […]

The Differences of Beer and Ale in Pubs

The consumption of alcohol in the middle ages was almost more common than it is today. Pubs were better known as Alehouses serving a mixture of locals and travelers. While it is a popular pub choice, there are many who do not know the differences between the two. Depending on […]

Pubs and the Sunday Roast Tradition

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The customs of Pubs extend beyond the Ale and into the kitchen. There is more to the menu than mere meals. Hidden behind the daily specials is the nuance of History garnished with tradition such as the famous Sunday Roast. The concept of Pubs date back hundreds of years. Within […]

Ways to Keep the Pub Doors Open

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Pubs are proof that it is the simple things in life that make it great. They have a traditional appeal that traces history every time the door opens. Crafted Ales and Brews are served with timeless and tasty dishes. It is a place to gather and bid your troubles adieu. […]

What Exactly is an IPA?

Over the last five to ten years we’ve seen the return of ales and beers to pubs, dethroning lagers as the top contender of the public house scene. Bitters, stouts and porters are all at the forefront of the bar but arguably none has become as popular as the India […]