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Famous Pubs in Films

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As if Pubs needed a reason to become more popular than they already are, these cozy themed spots are also featured on screen. While we enjoy seeing them in our favorite flicks, the true elation begins when you realize you can actually eat, drink and be merry at the same […]

Why Pub Food is The Best

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Pubs are well known for their wide selection of beer and a friendly atmosphere. What makes them even more popular is the food they serve. Pub style menus are hearty, regional and absolutely delicious! There is something for everyone that is served up on a full plate with a glass […]

The Many Differences of a Pub and Bar

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You may hear the terms “Bar” and “Pub” used interchangeably in conversation, but are they the same? The short answer would be no, they are not. It is one of those cases where they are similar in some ways and completely opposite in others. Bars and Pubs share the same […]